Aaron lost 2 notches in his belt in 8 weeks

Hello, my name is Aaron Leatherwood and 2 months ago, I started training with Shedrick Cole in the MAN-sition workout series at Anytime Fitness Lancaster. I was not sure of what to think because I had never been through any types of boot camps other than the military and never hired a personal trainer in the past… therefore I had my reservations. I (like most of you) have tried many different fitness classes and training sessions without success and had become frustrated with where my fitness journey was heading. I had little or no energy and was tired of just doing normal day-to-day activities. Another incentive was that my clothes had gotten too small so most were not fitting and I didn’t want to spend the money to buy more. I put on 15 pounds in the last 12 months and increased my belt size. My weight at that time was 204 lbs and my pants size was 34-36. After meeting Shedrick and having our first workout session…. I knew this would be different.

Shedrick was highly motivated and encouraging throughout the entire 8-week program. The workout programs are tailored to fit each person’s ability and he pushes you to go beyond your limits and he makes you realize that you are stronger than you think you are. I watched myself along with the other guys in the program make drastic improvements and changes. Everyone there worked together as a team that was lead by Shedrick to get to the goal of new revised health! I can’t wait for him to start the next challenge!

I have l lost 9 lbs from the beginning of the program and I’m down to a 32 pant sizes. My belt has gone down 2 notches and if I lose a little more I’ll have to add another hole. Additionally, I have gained confidence in the way I look and feel. I’ve got so much more energy than I use to have and now I’m motivated to be in the gym 4-5 days a week.

If you are looking for a trainer then I recommend you go see Shedrick Cole the owner of ANYTIME FITNESS in LANCASTER and Grand Prairie.

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